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Registered Charity C.I.O. No. 1168096
Watercolour by Louisa Wansey in 1851
The Ernest and Marjorie Fudge Trust for Warminster proudly serves the people of " Warminster and the surrounding area ".
We make grants to individuals and organisations who apply (in confidence) to us for help and, in the judgment of the Trustees, meet our confidential criteria.
There is no upper limit for an application and there is no lower limit, either. One can apply more than once.
It goes almost without saying that we look with particular care at larger applications because we can only spend the money once and more for some means less for others.
Our income is currently approaching £50,000 a year. We make our grants out of our income.
We try to make all our income work for as many people as we can. We look particularly to help those with learning difficulties because they were always close to Marjorie Fudge's heart.
The Fudge Trust is happy to receive contributions, i.e. through a legacy or donation, but does not seek contributions in the form of cash from street collections.
Privacy Notice
When you contact us it is necessary to hold and store the information you provide, such as name, address, email address, telephone number, organisation etc. regarding the application process and to enable us to contact you and administer the Trust. Data will be kept in accordance with The Charity Commissioners Guidance. As a charitable organisation, it is a requirement of the Charity Commissioners for the Trust to publish in its Annual Return a list of organisations to whom funds of £500.00 or more have been donated. There is no requirement to publish donations made to individuals.
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Marjorie was born Miss Parker of Coates & Parker. She lived over the shop for many years and developed a keen interest in Warminster folk and their doings which never left her. Even towards the end of her life she could recall people and events from long before and would be happy to talk about them with her friends, usually adding a pungent comment of her own. Ernest&Marjorie-Fudge
Before she was married, Marjorie worked at the old Warminster Telephone Exchange in the days when you picked up the telephone and asked an operator to put you through even for a local call. She used to cycle to work each day on her old upright bike in all weathers.
Ernest Fudge, originally a clerk with Lloyds Bank, came to work in the Warminster Branch. He found lodgings with Mrs. Parker, widowed at a young age. Not very long after that, Ernest and Marjorie married.
The couple were not joiners and greatly enjoyed together the peace and beauty of their garden in Upper Marsh Road except for Saturdays, when they always walked around the corner to support Warminster Town Football Club, a chance to meet their friends and shout for their team. Marjorie-Fudge2
Their marriage was never blessed with children. They had always intended to " do something " for Warminster and Warminster folk after their deaths.
Ernest died on 27th January 1985. It was Ernest's wish to look after Marjorie and so his will left everything to her and made no provision for Warminster charity. But she decided to vary Ernest's Will by setting up a Trust Fund for Warminster in his name starting with £20,000.
On 3rd December 1987 she created the original Trust "for such charitable purposes which shall benefit wholly or mainly the inhabitants of the town of Warminster as my Trustees may select ".
When she originally set up the Trust Marjorie expressed the wish that the gift should be applied as far as possible for " mentally handicapped children and adults in Warminster ". Until the money from her estate came into the Trust the Trustees followed that wish quite closely. With the greatly increased income, however, they have been able not only to follow that wish but also to benefit the wider community of Warminster, which it is within their power to do.
She was very anxious that in her lifetime there should be as little personal publicity as possible, so that the Trust could get on and do its work without making it known where the money had come from. So the Trust was known just as the Ernest Fudge Trust. Marjorie-Fudge
After Marjorie's death and with the prospect of a substantially larger capital base and income the Trust became with the active help of the Charity Commissioners " The Ernest and Marjorie Fudge Trust for Warminster " . The Trustees meet quarterly, more often if they need to, to look at the applications that they receive from individuals or organisations. They encourage applicants to spend the money locally. However, this is not mandatory.


The Trust is open to any individual or organisation from Warminster and the surrounding area. For example, during the recent past, grants have been made towards the refurbishment of the Athenaeum Centre, to help towards the building of clubhouse facilities for the Warminster Rugby Club and a sum of money to the Warminster Christmas Lights Appeal. Smaller grants have been given to individuals to purchase necessary requirements; for example, a wheelchair,a stairlift, kitchen equipment or help towards a much needed break for a full time carer.
The Trustees on behalf of the late Ernest and Marjorie Trust have helped many hundreds of local people over the years and all their details remain confidential.
All requests are given full and sympathetic consideration.
Organisations we have helped.

Christ Church

Group Five

Corsley School

Kingdown School

St Lawrence Chapel

The Bobby Van Trust

Minster Primary School

Warminster Park Club

Warminster Rugby Club

Warminster Bowling Club

Codford Youth Skate Park

Warminster Swimming Club

Warminster Christmas Lights

The Warminster Athenaeum Centre

Alzheimers Support

Deverills Churches

Warminster Wobble

The Avenue School

The Deverills Festival

St Margaret's Corsley

Norton Bavant Village Hall

Warminster Community Radio

Upper Deverills Village Hall

Kingdown Neighbourhood Engineers

Longbridge Deverill Village Hall

Warminster Garrison Book Club

Warminster Youth & Community Centre


We continue to fund individual needs as well as community projects including the following:

Wessex MS Therapy Centre
Funding the new Therapy Garden in Warminster, which will offer another environment in which the physiotherapists can work with members providing essential background work for the reality and challenge of everyday life. "The sense of well-being that can be created outside in a pleasant environment should not be underestimated."

Help for individuals
The Fudge Trust is also currently helping many individuals experiencing great hardship in the community. This includes:
the purchasing of mobility scooters, stair lifts, furniture, appliances help towards courses for personal and professional development winter fuel bills.
Every application is thoughtfully considered and typically requires endorsement from a trusted third party.

Special Needs Equipment
We continue to support a number of applications for computing equipment and software to help special needs children within the BA12 community. We have supported applications from Kingdown and many primary schools where budgets are limited to ensure the right tools are available to the children who need them most.

Warminster Wobble
In the past the Trust has donated to the Warminster Cycle Group to support a programme of events in June with rides, competitions and displays. The Wobble promotes cycle related activities, both leisure and transport, for all ages. There is also an ambition to improve the cycle paths which will also benefit mobility scooter and wheelchair users

Warminster Lights
Fudge Trust have supported the gallant efforts of the Warminster Christmas Lights Committee. Where new regulations dictate that maintenance be stepped up on the bulbs and the costs for this were challenging. We have supported this cause as it benefits the whole community and brings seasonal cheer to all.

The Wylye Valley Youth Group Bush Craft Weekend

Improvements at St Lawrence Chapel

Play Trail at Chapmanslade School


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